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Try viewing the free Tyler DeWitt tutorials available on YouTube.

Additional videos on a wide range of Chemistry topics can be found at Khan Academy

Students: If you would like to install Logger Pro on your home computer (we are legally licensed for this!), send me an email and I will send you the instructions for downloading the software. It makes an excellent graphing program, even when not used with the Vernier probes.

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When is the assignment due (unless otherwise stated):
Textbook HW
- if assigned on Mon or Tues, due at start of next block period
- if assigned on block day, due on Friday
- if assigned on Fri, due on Mon
Worksheets — varies, follow teacher instructions
Pre-labs — due on day of lab activity
Final lab reports — due 2 days after lab report officially assigned
Test Review Sheet packets — due on day of MC portion of test

Date Assigned Assignment Description

Test on Chapter 10 Today (short answer)
Study for rest of test

3rd Qtr. Makeup Test offered AFTER SCHOOL (today or tomorrow)

3/19 Test on Chapter 10 Today (multiple choice)

Do Molar Mass of Compounds worksheet (due Fri)

Online tutorials for review purposes (Tyler DeWitt):
Moles - using molar mass, pt.1
Moles - using molar mass, pt.2

3/20-3/21 Finish Predicting Rxn Types/Products worksheet (both sides)
3/22 Read pp. 320-327
Do Q. 112, 115, 119, 120, 123, 125
3/25 Read pp. 328-341
Do Q. 129, 135, 139, 144, 147, 150, 155
3/27 Read pp. 353-357 (Chap.12)
Do Q. 38, 51, 54, 57, 59
   Hint for Q.54: 4HNO3

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Stoichiometry — Mole ratios

4/8 Finish side 1 of Stoichiometry worksheet
4/9 Read pp. 358-363
Do Q. 61, 64, 66, 72, 74
  Hint: solve for pure Au in Q.74
Finish side 2 of worksheet (both due on Fri)

Do PreLab (w/prelab Q) for Limiting Reactant and % Yield exp.
Begin Review Sheets for Chap.11/12

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Stoichiometry - Limiting Reactants and Percent Yield (intro)

4/12 Read pp. 364-369
Do Q. 77, 79, 80, 82, 83
+ work on lab calc. (sections A thru C)
4/15 Do worksheet on Limiting Reactants (due Thu)
  - both sides
4/16-4/17 Read pp. 370-373
Do Q. 84, 85, 87, 88
Finish lab report (both due Fri)
4/18 Finish Review Sheets
4/19 Study for Chapter 11/12 Test

Test on Chapters 11/12 Today (both parts)

Read pp. 385-387
Do Q. 7, 30-32, 86 (due Wed/Thu)

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Gases - Kinetic Molecular Theory 1
Gases - Kinetic Molecular Theory 2


Read pp. 388-392
Do Q. 9, 10, 66, 69-71 (due Fri/Mon)

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Gases - gas pressure basics
Gases - atmospheric pressure
Gases - measuring atmospheric and gas pressures
Gases - pressure conversions

4/26, 4/29

Read pp. 404-408
Do Q. 53, 54, 56, 76-78 (due Tue/Wed)

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Phase changes (overview)
Phase changes - liquid to gas
Phase changes - boiling vs. evaporation
Phase changes - exothermic or endothermic


Read pp. 419-427 (Chap.14)
Do Q. 74, 78, 89-91
Do PreLab for Boyle's Law exp.
  (both due Thu/Fri)

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Gases - Boyle's Law
Gases - Charles' Law
Gases - Gay-Lussac's Law 1
Gases - Gay-Lussac's Law 2
Gases - Kelvin scale

5/2-5/3 Finish lab report (due Mon)
5/6 Do Gas Laws worksheet (due Wed/Thu)
  -- you will need a Water Vapor Pressure table for some problems

Read pp. 428-433
Do Q. 83, 92, 94-96 (due Fri)
Do PreLab for Molar Volume of Gas exp.

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Gases - Combined Gas Law
Gases - rearranging Combined Gas Law
Gases - Avogadro's Law
Gases - rearranging gas law equations


Read pp. 434-439
Do Q. 54, 97-100
Finish lab report
  (both due Mon)

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Gases - Ideal Gas Law (intro)
Gases - Ideal Gas Law (source of "R")
Gases - Ideal Gas Law (practice problems)


Begin Review Sheets for Chap. 13/14
Finish side 1 of Ideal Gas Law worksheet (if nec.)

5/13 Do Q. 107-109
Finish side 2 of Ideal Gas Law worksheet
5/14 Read pp. 440-443
Do Q. 67, 101, 105, 106 (due Fri)
5/15-5/16 Finish both sides of Gas Stoichiometry worksheet (due Fri)
Do Q. 102-104, 110 (due Mon)
5/17 Finish Review Sheets
Study for Chapter 13/14 Test
5/20 Test on Chapters 13/14 Today (short answer)
Study for rest of test
5/21 Test on Chapters 13/14 Today (multiple choice)

Read pp. 462-466 (Chap.15)
Do Q. 69, 71, 74, 75, 77 (due Tues)

Online tutorials (Tyler DeWitt):
Molarity - practice problems 1
Molarity - practice problems 2


Do Stoichiometry w/Molarity worksheet (due Wed/Thu)
  -- both sides

All 4th Qtr Extra Credit is due by end of day on Tues